• Profile
  • Full name

    Loek Geleijn

  • Born

    03 Feb 1986

    Vlissingen, the Netherlands

  • Work experience
  • November 2009 - Current

    PCextreme B.V.

    Linux Systems Administrator in Vlissingen, NL

    I started at PCextreme in late 2009 as a servicedesk employee where my tasks consisted of assisting customers with the complete portfolio of PCextreme products and services. The company runs primarily on open source software and this is where I found my love for Linux and everything open source.

    After fulfilling this function for about two years I worked my way up to the posistion of systems administrator where I'm currently still, as part of a team, responsible for all the services PCextreme has to offer. Including, but not limited to, all things managed and shared hosting and cloud services built on Apache Cloudstack.

  • Januari 2005 - November 2009


    Sales Representative in Middelburg, NL

    In januari 2005, at 16 years old, I started working as a sales representative Dixons located in Middelburg. This job suited me really well at the time because of my love for everthing with wires. I continued to work here part-time after I stopped with my ICT study.

  • Education
  • August 2008 - Juli 2009

    HBO Informatica

    Hogeschool Zeeland in Vlissingen, the Netherlands

    Did not finish.

  • 2003 - 2008

    HAVO profiel Natuur & Techniek

    CSW Elzenlaan in Middelburg, the Netherlands

  • Certificates and Studies
  • NL-ix BGP Training (2019)100%

  • 42on CEPH Training (2016 & 2018)100%

  • Zabbix Certified Specialist (2017)100%

  • LPI 101 (2015)100%

  • EHBO (2009)100%

  • LPI 10210%

  • Personal skills
  • Operating Systems
  • RedHat / CentOS Debian / Ubuntu MacOS Windows
  • Automation / Programming / Scripting
  • SaltStack Ansible Bash Python
  • Stuff I know my way around

    Control Panels

    DirectAdmin | Plesk


    MariaDB | Oracle MySQL | Percona MySQL | PostgreSQL


    Bind | Knot | PowerDNS


    BGP | Cisco IOS | Cumulus | FirewallD | FRR | iptables | IPv6

    Keepalived | Mikrotik | ONIE | Quagga | Ubiquiti Unifi/Edge | VRRP


    Btrfs | CEPH | EXT[2-4]? | GlusterFS | XFS | ZFS

    Cloud / Virtualization

    Apache CloudStack | KVM | libvirt | oVirt | Proxmox

    Qemu | RedHat Enterprise Virtualization | VirtualBox


    Apache | HAProxy | Hitch | Nginx | S3 | Traefik | Varnish


    AWK | Git | NextCloud | sed | Wordpress

  • Interests
  • Open Source

    I'm interested in everything open source from the smallest self-hosted projects to Linux and the Cloud.

  • Automation

    If you have to do something more than once there's an easier way to do it than by hand. Having worked with both Puppet and Ansible in the past, I'm currently settled on Saltstack for all my deployment automation tasks from initial deployment of virtual machines with salt-cloud to using the salt-api to deploy individual configurations for customers.

  • Development / Scripting

    I've written a lot of bash scripts throughout the years varying from simple wrapper scripts to full blown migration utilities. Bash scripts are obviously not known for their blazing fast speeds but it gets you from nowhere to anywhere in a jiffy.

    I've been telling myself I need to start developing more for a long time but I recently got myself to actually start doing so. I've been busy implementing a command line client for PCextreme's AuroraDNS service in Python 3. It's not fully 'pythonic' yet but it's most certainly getting there.

  • Gaming

    I'm not a hardcore gamer in any way but I absolutely love games that know how to tell a story. I started out as a kid with the classics like Monkey Island, King's Quest, Space Quest, the 7th Guest but I also love games like Halo, Gears of War, Dishonored and Bioshock: Infinite.

  • Cooking

    I love cooking for my family and friends, no four star restaurant will ever hire me as their head-chef but I like to think I know my way around a kitchen.

  • Photography

    I love photographing and using my kids as models. I'm not the best photographer but this is my favourite way of eternalizing the best moments in life. I love browsing through old photo's and getting emotional about how fast my kids have grown. Going out to the beach, the forest or an industrial zone at night with just a mate and our camera's is like meditation to me, tinkering with settings on the camera while the whole city is asleep.

  • Photos